The perfect weekend attire

  Posted on 18 May 2015  |    Yash Panjabi  | 

The perfect weekend attire

It can be hard to pick the right outfit, but it is important to make sure you look the part 

Saturday nights, time to party! Denim jeans would probably be the most suited to any occasion whether you are hitting the nightclub or going out for dinner with friends.

For a dinner you could wear the casual #weekender shirt with some bright colours if you are heading out for an informal dinner or a dark solid shirt for a more elegant dinner, both are available on our website. Another very casual choice would be to wear a collared t-shirt but this would be more appropriate for a nightclub. 

The perfect shoes for a saturday night out depend on the formality of the event. A weekender shirt or collared t-shirt and some jeans would go along well with some nice black sneakers. But with a solid shirt and jeans, polished leather shoes black or brown may be the way to go. 

Sunday funday. This is a more relaxed, let off steam day the perfect attire for a sunday brunch with family or a day at the beach would be the #weekender shirt. A bright colourful shirt would look very nice with a solid coloured pair of shorts. A nice bright tee would also look very cool with some shorts. Ray-bans are probably your best bet for sunglasses and some cool accessories that can be found on our website. For shoes some nice loafers, slip ons or plimsolls would do the trick.