Go Bespoke or Go Broke

  Posted on 10 May 2016  |    Anil Panjabi  | 

“Create your own visual style, let it be unique for yourself and identifiable for others.” – Orson Welles

The above statement sums up the exact reason why this article is penned down in the first place, “singularity in fashion”. Are you one of those faces in the crowd who have a different perspective about fashion and clothing, but let it be, because you cannot find a single piece in the market that defines You?

If yes then this article is a game changer and trusts me you want to continue reading.

But before moving forward let’s just try to define what  "bespoke men's shirts” means after all. According to Wikipedia, “Bespoke means to stick to specifications, something that is altered or tailored to customs, taste or individual preferences.”

A more casual definition would be the complete personalization of a product (clothing, shoes and etc) from its manufacture to its delivery to the client. This is the definition that we will be working with throughout this article. But what do we mean by the complete personalization? It means that we are given the choice to select not just one or two features but the entire product will be designed according to our will and taste.

Gone are the days when you had to make those frequent visits to the mall looking for the perfect shirt and then come home with whatever that was on the rack. You just spent your hard earned money on a shirt that was not made for “You”, it was manufactured for the masses but you are not among the masses. Isn’t this what you believed in all along?

If yes then why throw away your money on something that isn’t you, wasn’t made for you and can never be you? If you dare to think differently then act accordingly otherwise you will go broke in your quest for the perfect shirt and then settle for something below average that will keep piling up in your closet and never see daylight.

Fortunately many companies like Byronshirts (www.byronshirts.com) offer professional and premium quality tailoring services to their customers via their user friendly order process that aids the customer in selecting the right options for them from fabric to fitting. In a world where “on-the-rack” doesn’t work for you, Custom Stitch just might.

The ideology behind this concept is very clear, fashion doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s simple. Fashion is a way in which an individual chooses to express himself/herself through clothes and accessories, to some fashion is a very-personal-thing and to others fashion is what everybody wears.

There’s a difference in fact they are complete opposites! In our opinion, its way much better to get something that defines you as a person, something that compliments your style and looks good on you when you have the option because no one knows you better than you!

“Clothes mean nothing unless someone lives in them” – Marc Jacobs