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Established in 1965 as the early pioneer’s in making custom made shirts, we’ve delivered shirts to more people in more Countries than any of our competitors. With our state of the art production facility, our stock of hundreds of different fabrics, and our superior knowledge in custom tailoring, At Byronshirts our shirts stand out to make you better.

Bespoke Tailoring is our Specialty 
‘Bespoke' refers to the time-honored craft of making garments one at a time from a pattern created specifically for you the client. Bespoke tailoring distinguishes us from the rest of our competitors. We treat each client individually, taking the time and care to create a 100% custom fit in every detail.

Order custom shirts online
At Byronshirts your custom shirt shop we can take your order right here online and deliver your bespoke tailored shirts to your door. Simply browse through the vast selection of styles, fabrics and colors. Make your choices and complete your order by following the simple directions on this website. You can add custom tailored details just as you would in fitting rooms of the finest clothiers, and look forward to an incomparable collection of custom dress shirts, tuxedo shirts and those hard to find weekender shirts.

We do things right
Have you tried to buy shirts at your local clothier or custom tailors, but had problems with sizing and selection? Here at Byronshirts, we understand. We take the time to tailor our custom dress shirts for every individual, including hard-to-fit types. Everyone can benefit from expert custom tailoring: broad shoulders, narrow waist, tall and lanky, short and stocky, long or short arms, and necks of all kinds. You can relax and experience a custom fitting with expert tailors who create a superb bespoke tailoring fit just for you. Our years of experience in the field of custom tailoring have made it easy to choose your basic sizes. Through our many years of experience we know how to tailor the shirts to fit your body type.

Nothing Fits better than a bespoke shirt by Byronshirts

We never say no

  • We always have your size, unlike the department stores.
  • We always have your color, you choose your color, your trim, your style, your collar, your cuffs.
  • We always have it. You never need to check another store, or drive to the next store to get it, your choice in one place.


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