Made To Fit


When clothing is custom built to order according to specifications provided or selected by the buyer, it is called custom clothing. ... Bespoke clothing goes one step further in that the clothing is cut and made to the exact measurement of the wearer - hence it is 'spoken for' and so...bespoke.

When a customer chose a length of material it was said to have "been spoken for", hence a tailor who makes your clothes individually to your specific personal requirements, is called bespoke. Unlike "made to measure", which simply uses a basic pattern which is then simply adjusted to your measurements.

When we make to fit, you get a better fit!

When you look good, everything fits, this shows off your body in the most flattering way. Its one of the keys to looking confident and therefore being confident.

This also means that you don’t give up on comfort and customsation to fit your body shape, quality fabrics can be used which are appropriate for you and the seasons your live in and you can customize features such as your cuff / pocket / collar shapes and much more.

For maximum satisfaction, communicate your wants and needs to our team and we’ll take care of the rest!


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Made To Fit