French Cuff Dress Shirts

French Cuff Dress Shirts for Men

Take bold and classy to a whole new level with our range of men’s French cuff dress shirts. Simple and elegantly sophisticated, these shirts are the perfect additional to any business suit or formal wear. Traditionally worn with cufflinks, these are ideal for those looking for the professional or classy look. While they are commonly referred to as a formal shirt, our French cuff dress shirts for men can also adapt and be worn after work or other casual events by simply rolling up the sleeves and wearing them with jeans or chinos.

Why place your order with us?

Go into any brick and mortar store and you will often find a whole array of shirts for men that are either too big or too small. The fact is, no two bodies are the same and often a shirt straight off the rack will not provide the perfect fit. With Byron Shirt, you’ll never have to worry about shirt arms that are too long, collars that are too tight and material that struggles when you stretch. Our team will custom make men’s French cuff dress shirts according to your specific measurements. We’ll also give you an opportunity to tweak the design to suit your personal style.

To order one of our men’s French cuff dress shirts, simply select the item you want. If you are happy with standard sizing and design, add it straight to your cart. Otherwise, customise your order and we’ll make it to your specifications before sending it to your door.


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